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Melbourne Musings Podcast

Your host Brent Andersen takes you on a casual conversational journey through life in Melbourne, Australia. Conversations vary from politics, Brent's existential crises, to the completely inane. Co-Hosts and interviews are also a common element of the show, along with Brent's own music. Enjoy.

Dec 15, 2017

EP70 Melbourne Musings Podcast – Brent interviews a guest, Steve Keys, they talk about disability work, moving house to Queensland, kids youtube, 90s nostalgia, Christmas decorations, drunken escapades, zombie apocalypse, all this and many more illogical tangents.

Dec 3, 2017

EP69 Melbourne Musings Podcast – Brent and Ash talk stormageddon, the royal engagement, hollywood sex pests, how money is made up, trial by social media, all this and many more illogical tangents.