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Melbourne Musings Podcast

Your host Brent Andersen takes you on a casual conversational journey through life in Melbourne, Australia. Conversations vary from politics, Brent's existential crises, to the completely inane. Co-Hosts and interviews are also a common element of the show, along with Brent's own music. Enjoy.

Aug 31, 2015

This week Brent is ill, he talks pharmacies and their lack of a cauldron – I want eye of newt dammit, how kids these days perish under pressure when the computers die, how a 50 year old man in a hot car made him remember how much money he’s blown on cars and what they taught him about materialism, how a milkbar owner complimented his enunciation and what he thinks of the aussie strayan slurring dialect. Don’t forget to like the facebook page and share with your friends!

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